It’s time to liberate your imagination.
We empower you by turning your ideas into live demos.

We have developed a unique prototyping solution
to mock-up complex user experiences: AnDi™.

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We can build prototypes for you, with you, or train you to boost your iterative
process with our tool.

" As if "

We deliver you « as if » prototypes: the final, working interaction, behaviours, visual design are there, whether screen-based or physical.
They don’t embed final industrial technologies and programming because that would be over-prototyping. Instead, they help you sketch and refine your user experience before you dive into the technical implementation process.

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Each prototype is stand-alone. On screens (e.g.: smartphones etc), they are apps that you access like any other app. Controllable electronics that we supply are embedded into your physical designs. So you can run these prototypes for experiments, tests, presentations or as custom-made personal apps or products.

Realtime interaction between hardware and
multiple displays

User experience is no longer limited to one device. Services flow through multiple touchpoints including screen-based devices and physical products.
So our prototypes can include real time interaction between multiple displays (any size, limitless number, smartphones, tablets, walls etc) plus interaction between displays and physical products (with controllable electronics).

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You want to explore ...

multiple touchpoints services : test scenarios of service where users interact with multiple touchpoints digital or physical.
IoT : prototype ideas of smart objects (shapes, interactions, behaviours) and their scenarios of use (in connection with other devices, with an app etc…).
multisensoriality : experience sensitive and reactive environments (the scale of a vehicle or larger, sound spatialisation, scent diffusion etc...).
unseen interaction : explore the potential of uses for new technologies where there is no reference or available product on the market, e.g.: unusual shapes, sizes or configuration of interactive surfaces etc.

And more.
Please reach out for any other question or request.

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A cost and time effective way to...

experience : explore ideas of a user experience or interaction,
check their strengths and weaknesses,
user-test : have your ideas user tested,
iterate : try many designs to come up with a solid brief before implementation,
brief : brief the implementation team on the basis of an experience prototype,
communicate : communicate your vision to an investor (internal or external)
with a beautiful experience prototype rather than a deck of slides,
fluidify : ease multidisciplinary team work with a common shared basis.

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If you are interested in our tool to empower your own teams, contact us.


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